Financial Management – Principles and Applications – Ninth Edition

Authors: Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin, J. William Petty, David F. Scott, Jr.

Prentice Hall – Pearson Education

With its exciting introduction of the Harley-Davidson focus company theme, this book continues to provide a solid, enduring foundation of the tools of modern theory while at the same time developing the logic behind their use.

 The “10 Principles of Finance” provide the framework, or “the big picture” of finance, which ties the major concepts of the book together. Chapter topics include financial statements, taxes, and cash flows; evaluating a firm’s financial performance; financial forecasting; time value of money; risk and rates of return; bond valuation; stock valuation; capital budgeting decision criteria; cash flows and other topics in capital budgeting; capital budgeting and risk analysis; cost of capital; managing for shareholder value; raising capital in the financial markets; analysis and impact of leverage; planning the firm’s financial mix; dividend policy and internal financing; working-capital management and short-term financing; cash and marketable securities management; accounts receivable and inventory management; risk management; international finance; corporate restructuring: combinations and divestitures; and term loans and leases.

For individuals seeking a lasting understanding of the fundamentals of finance.

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