Managing Human Resources – Fourth Edition

Authors: Luis R. Gomez-Mjia, David B. Balkin, Robert L. Cardy
Prentice Hall –  Pearson Education
This book centers on business decision-making and managerial problem-solving, consistent with today’s best practices’ Human Resource Management Practice and Research. Real-life cases and a global focus will hold readers’ interest as this book imparts valuable information about the dynamic field of human resources. Expanded coverage of international human resource issues governs this edition of the popular book; it also covers the management of work flows, job analysis, equal opportunity and the legal environment, diversity, recruitment and selection of employees, downsizing and outplacement, performance management and appraisal, workforce training, career development, compensation management, rewards and performance, employee benefits, employee relations, employee rights and discipline, organized labor, and workplace safety and health. Thereference resource for human resource directors, managers, and small business owners, as well as others in leadership positions.
Most HRM books on the market focus on teaching students to be personnel specialists–people who specialize in the Human Resources function. Gomez-Mejia et al. focuses on providing management students with the information they need to be effective managers, regardless of the size of their company and the department they work within. Throughout the book the authors emphasize using human resources as a source of competitive advantage for all companies, large and small.

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